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Pursue Your Highest Potential Without Sacrificing Your Soul

A space for high performers looking to maximize their impact while minimizing their burnout.

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The Deeper You Feel, the Higher You Rise

It’s time to put an end to “fixing” yourself or chasing perfection in your healing journey. Join me in redefining how you pursue excellence in every area of your life by embracing your wholeness instead of limiting beliefs.

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Revive & Thrive

3 Day Radical Self-Care and Mindfulness Journey With:

10 x Curated Movement Exercises
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9 x Journal Prompts for Reflection and Self-Discovery

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Push Your Limits and Become Your Highest Self

High performers are built different: we don’t have an “off” button. We push ourselves until our greatest superpower becomes our greatest weakness.

I’m here to help you push your limits when it counts, whether that’s the field, the boardroom, or the playroom, but in a holistic and sustainable way that allows you to show up as your highest self in every other area of life. You don't have to sacrifice greatness for fulfillment.

Feel Supported and Seen in Every Moment

I've faced the depths of my soul and I survived. I’m not afraid to face your darkness. In fact, I have become the unwavering light that will take that journey inwards with you to the parts of yourself that have never been seen.

I will support your wholeness and see your hidden potential. I will take you as deep as you are willing to go so you can rise high to meet big opportunities when they arise.

Be Admired for Your Growth, Not Your Perfection

The beautiful thing about success is that it doesn’t care about your perfection. It cares about what you do with the cards life has dealt you.

It's so easy to get addicted to old patterns, old ways of showing up, and outdated versions of ourselves. I'm here to help you let go of the strings that are moving you, so you can start living for yourself.

All This Without Blowing Up Your Calmness Along the Way

Choosing success doesn't mean choosing suffering. I'm here to redefine how you integrate power with grace.

Stop worrying if you’re “doing enough” and start loving the full depth of yourself and your ambition. I will show you how.

Think of me as your

Spiritual Apothecary

We work together to create a custom blend of support that works seamlessly together to strengthen your Body, Mind, and Soul.

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Stacey is a wonderful, kind, charismatic soul who is incredible at bringing community together, facilitating yoga, energy work, and beyond! I highly recommend her services!

Sahara rose, bestselling author and podcast host

I feel more connected and embodied than ever before.

Dana Thompson

Working with Stacey has created space to ask questions of myself about my behaviors and beliefs more fully. Through her guidance, I’ve learned how to use my mind, heart, and body to answer these inquires for myself with deep resonance.

She is wise, supportive and I am so grateful to have her playing this key role in my personal growth.

Jill MacKenzie

Stacey is an incredibly insightful coach. She saw things in me that I didn't and lovingly encouraged me to take aligned actions on my dreams.

Stacey is one of those coaches I would call a “Life Alchemist”.

Francesa facio

She will help you incorporate change into any area of your life with ease, so that you can find pleasure in taking care of your body and soul! Her extensive knowledge of how the body works combined with her expertise in nutrition, supplementation and spiritual practices help create a holistic journey of transformation.

“Stacey helped me find clarity and held me accountable to take action to get to my desires.”


Working with Stacey has been invaluable. She intuitively provided insight through questions, and action items between each session. I look forward to our meetings and continuing to progress towards my goals. I value her communication and follow up. She followed through when she said she would, which helped me heal old trust wounds and has encouraged me to ask for help in other areas of my life. Thank you Stacey for holding space and helping me progress towards my goals!